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Hackworth Law, P.A. proudly provides criminal and civil legal representation throughout Central Florida.
At Hackworth Law, P.A., we identified three simple things we would want from our attorneys:

Personalized Legal Services

When you engage Hackworth Law as your law firm, you will speak and meet with your attorneys. Unlike other firms, you will not be limited to just a paralegal, law clerk or case manager. You will speak and meet personally with Jonathan E. Hackworth or Kelli L. Mitchell.  Our Tampa Lawyers pride themselves on their accessibility to their clients.

Quality Over Quantitiy

Hackworth Law limits the number of cases each attorney handles. The next time you talk with an attorney, ask them how many cases they carry in addition to yours. We believe in quality over quantity, which allows each of our attorneys an intimate knowledge of your case.  Our Tampa Lawyers will know the unique facts and circumstances of your case.

Tailored to Fit Your Needs

Individual or business, the attorneys of Hackworth Law are your trusted advisors and tailor our practice areas to your specific and changing legal needs.Our breadth and depth of experiences are unique and gives us numerous advantages over other firms.  Our Tampa Lawyers will work to find a personalized solution to even your most difficult issues.


These three ideals make Hackworth Law unique among other Tampa lawyers and if we don’t live up our ideals discussed above, you contact us directly to let us know. If you are a current or former client, give us a call and lets discuss the status of your case. If this was your first time visiting our home, welcome, we look forward to working with you in the future and showing you what sets us apart from other Tampa lawyers.  Our Tampa Lawyers are standing by to assist you in your legal matter.

Representing You – Family Law in Tampa, FL

Family law cases are the most complex and emotionally charged cases to deal with, but our family attorney in Tampa is here to help you. Our experienced family lawyers have handled hundreds of cases in the Tampa Bay area involving divorce, alimony, time-sharing, and child support. We have the experience necessary to ensure both you and your children’s rights are protected.

Cases We Represent

When you need a divorce attorney in Tampa, our firm is here to help. We also represent the following matters:


Child Custody

Child Support

Child Time Sharing


Injunctions/Restraining Orders

Modification of Prior Orders

Much of what we do involves rulings that were previously carried out. This includes modification of visitation rights, alimony or of child support in Tampa, FL. When minor children are involved, the chances of continuing litigation post-divorce are greater. We will work aggressively to modify, or prevent the modification of previous rulings in order to protect the future of your children.

Contact us today for more information about our Family Law representation.

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