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Category Archives: Family Law

Family Attorney in Tampa, FL

How to Find a Good Family Attorney?

Dealing with issues involving family law can be very emotional. This can make it feel like an extra challenge when it comes time to find a family attorney in Tampa—you know you need the legal assistance, but will you be able to make intelligent decisions when things are so sensitive? Finding the right attorney can […]

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family attorney tampa

Time-Sharing Tips for Divorced Parents

Once you receive the final judgment in your divorce case, it is time to start observing the guidelines you and your ex-spouse agreed to in your parenting plan. Whether you and your ex-spouse mutually agreed to those terms or you arrived at them through mediation with a family attorney in Tampa, FL, the actual practice […]

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What are an Unmarried Father’s Rights?

If you’re an unmarried father, it’s important to understand what legal challenges you could face. Under Florida law, it is assumed that the man married to the mother of their child is its legal father. Because of this, unmarried men must first establish paternity to exercise their parental rights. Doing so enables them to be […]

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Four Keys to Making Joint Custody Work – Pt. 1

A successfully-arranged joint custody agreement is the best way to help your children handle the aftermath of divorce. Ex-spouses who commit to co-parenting even after separation can help their child maintain a close relationship with both of their parents, which is essential for a child’s mental health growing up. Working with your ex-spouse to make […]

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How to Tell Your Children You’re Getting a Divorce

After you have tried working it out with your spouse, and you come to terms that you are unable to work out the issues, the next step should be to tell your children. Depending on your children’s ages, they might not fully understand what is happening. For this reason, we have provided some helpful tips […]

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Make the Most of the Holidays Even When Going Through a Separation

The holidays are a tricky time for families when parents are splitting up. Everyone is stressed and overwhelmed, but it is crucial to remember your children. Discover how you can make the best of the holidays this year even if you are separating from your spouse. Quality Time with Your Kids When your children are […]

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