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Child Support & Family Attorney in Tampa

How much will they have to pay?

Florida courts have determined that both parents are obligated to support their children. This obligation does not extend to stepchildren, only biological children. Going through a divorce is overwhelming for the entire family, but the attorneys at Hackworth Law are here to assist you through this challenging process. When you need a family attorney in Tampa who will work diligently on your behalf, turn to Hackworth Law.

Tampa Child Support AttorneysUltimately, Florida law sets out a very specific formula for determining child support in these cases. The formula takes into account the number of children and the combined income of the two parents. Next, it is necessary to determine which percentage of the total income of the two parents and multiply that percentage to the child support amount set by the guidelines. This will give you a very rough idea of the total child support amount payable by

When hiring a Tampa divorce lawyer, you should turn to Hackworth Law because our attorneys have extensive experience litigating cases setting child support payments for parents. Our law firm utilizes the latest technology to permit us to constantly run differing child support scenarios and determine the amounts for our clients.

I want to pay less?

Many clients come to our office simply requesting the court set a reasonable amount of child support. These parents are forced to decide monthly whether to pay their mortgage, other bills or even support their own children. They are faced with mounting credit cards, growing piles of unpaid bills and the very real prospect of foreclosure and/or bankruptcy on the horizon.

Here at Hackworth Law, our attorneys also have experience reducing our clients’ child support payments to reasonable amounts. Our team diligently works to find creative solutions for our clients, so they can support their children with manageable payment amounts. If you would like to contact a divorce attorney in Tampa, you can call (813) 280-2911 right now or utilize the contact us now tab in the right-hand corner.