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Category Archives: Civil Litigation

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Types of Personal Injury Cases

Managing a personal injury can be physically, emotionally, and financially difficult for the victims and their families. Although many victims turn directly to insurance companies to provide compensation for costs and damages, many will find their claims are denied or inadequately addressed. Damages in a personal injury lawsuit are paid to the victim in order […]

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Why can the State Attorney’s Office continue to bring up my prior criminal charges?

Our Criminal Attorneys Tampa are often asked about these issues.  Many individuals previously convicted of criminal charges in Florida are incredibly frustrated with Florida’s current sentencing structure which permits the prosecution in its preparation of score sheets to continue to bring up old charges.  Further, many judges in misdemeanor cases, which legally do not rely […]

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Tampa Trial Attorneys: What is impeachment?

Tampa Trial Attorneys are often asked about what “impeachment” means regards to witnesses testifying. In short, impeachment refers to essentially proving or identifying some sort of dishonesty or deception regarding a witness’s testimony. There are a number of ways to impeach a witness during their testimony. The most common ways of impeachment are identifying clear […]

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What does the phrase Attorney-Client Privilege Mean?

Many Tampa attorneys in their initial consultation with their clients will use the phrase “attorney-client” privilege. This phrase is referring to the confidentiality between the attorney and their client regarding the matters discussed and exchanged during their meetings. Obviously, this is a far more complex subject than the simple one-sentence definition I provided above, so […]

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