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Sexual Based Offenses

Our Tampa Sex Crimes Attorneys aggressively represent those charged with the following:


Tampa Sex Crimes AttorneysThis is arguably the most common sex charge filed by the State Attorney’s Office under Florida Statute Section 796.07. Prostitution charges entail a whole host of charges ranging from exchanging money for sexual acts, guiding or transporting a person to area for purposes of prostitution, offering to commit an act of prostitution or even assisting or encouraging to set up an act of sex for compensation. Ultimately, the overwhelming majority of the cases, we see, involve people simply exchanging money for sex.  The overwhelming majority of these cases involve stings set up by local law enforcement.

Many local law enforcement groups, like Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office, Tampa Police Department, Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office, St. Petersburg Police Department and Polk County Sheriff’s Office, often set up stings, specifically seeking “johns” attempting to seek out prostitutes. Law enforcement uses websites, like Craigslist.com and Backpage.com, to draw potential “johns” into contacting and attempting to solicit law enforcement for sex.

In an attempt to dissuade folks from committing prostitution charges, the Florida Legislature has instituted very high mandatory fines, far higher than any other misdemeanor fines. Additionally, if someone is adjudicated of three prostitution charges within five years, they can become a felony charge. If the charge involves a minor that happens to be less than 18 years old, the charge carries a maximum of 15 years in a Florida state prison.  Our Tampa Sex Crimes Attorneys have the experience and knowledge necessary to aggressively challenge these charges and investigate the facts and circumstances surrounding the sting and arrest.

Sexual Battery

This offense is more commonly known as rape. It is an extremely serious offense, which could include criminal sanctions including life in a Florida prison and/or registration as a sex offender, which carries a lifelong burden. Florida Statute Section 794.011 codifies the specifics factors, the State Attorney’s Office must prove.  These are aside from the social stigma of the charges.  Our Tampa Sex Crimes Attorneys will aggressively defend you in these charges to ensure your rights are protected.

These cases are obviously very serious and require special attention from Tampa criminal defense lawyers. Many times, these charges are the result of nasty, unresolved romantic breakups. These charges also often have significant romantic relationship undertones.  The unique makeup of our law firm includes both Tampa Sex Crimes Attorneys and Tampa Family Law Attorneys, so we can work together to aggressively defend your rights in both the criminal and family law cases.  Unfortunately, many allegations concerning sexual battery are somehow related to gaining either a financial benefit or the upper hand in a family law matter.

If you or someone you know is under investigation for sexual battery, we strongly encourage you to immediately retain a criminal defense attorney. We will help guide you through the investigation of the charge. Additionally, you should refuse law enforcement’s request to take a polygraph examination. Since these cases generally are based only on the testimony of the victim and any additionally physical evidence, law enforcement often encourages, even begs, the accused to take a polygraph. Regardless of their testimony, unfortunately this evidence is ultimately used against the accused by an Assistant State Attorney, who is trying to put them in a Florida prison.

Computer Based Sexual Offenses

Unfortunately, these charges are becoming even more common as local law enforcement, includingTampa Sex Crimes Attorney - Internet Crimes the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office, Tampa Police Department, Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office, St. Petersburg Police Department and Polk County Sheriff’s Office, have begun posting ads on Craigslist.com and Backpage.com attempting to draw men/women into committing a criminal act. Our Tampa Sex Crimes Attorneys  will aggressively review and consider the facts surrounding the arrest for potential defenses, including entrapment.  Florida Statute Section 847.0135 provides the specific statutory requirements for an individual to be charged with and convicted of Traveling to Meet a Minor.  Most commonly, these stings involve law enforcement posting an ad online, either as an adult man/woman with a child or an underage child.

In the first scenario, law enforcement attempts to convince the individual to have sex or discuss sex with the underage individual. For example, the post may display an adult woman. During the conversation, law enforcement will attempt to get the target to discuss having sex with the minor child at the urging of law enforcement. These cases are very unfortunate because law enforcement is essentially creating the criminal situation. Often times, those accused are only guilty of attempting to have a romantic rendezvous with an adult, but at the constant encouraging of law enforcement, a fake minor child ends up being involved.

These types of cases also include cases involving child pornography cases. It goes without saying, these are very serious charges, which can be prosecuted either Florida or the Federal Government. These cases require experienced criminal defense attorneys because of the unique nature of these cases. These cases often involve the services of retaining computer experts, determining the age of the children allegedly involved, etc.

Child Pornography

Child pornography cases very complex, lengthy criminal cases to defend, but our Tampa Sex Crimes Attorneys will vigorously protect your rights.  Again, many times, there are ulterior motives to the witnesses in these matters relating to either financial matters or a child custody situation.  Child Pornography cases can either be handled in the State or Federal Court system.   At the State level, Florida Statute Section 847.0137 codifies the formal definition of child pornography and the associated penalties.  Needles to say, these charges carry significant prison sentence regardless of whether they are being handled in either the State or Federal system.  We discuss this charge further in our blog.

Our Tampa Sex Crimes Attorneys have aggressively and successfully handled thousands of criminal cases throughout the entire Tampa Bay Area.  If you would like to contact one of our Attorneys immediately, please either call our Office immediately, we have folks standing by to assist you with your case 24 hours a day, or use the “contact us now” tab in the upper right hand corner.  Further, we have a free, secure chatbox in the lower right hand corner, where you will actually speak with an attorney.   We appreciate your time in checking our website and look forward to hearing from you.