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Category Archives: Blog

Contested Divorce in Tampa, FL

Differences Between Uncontested & Contested Divorce

As a marriage between two people comes to a close, there are a lot of emotions, practical concerns, and financial repercussions. One of the primary considerations is whether you will file for an uncontested or contested divorce in Tampa. The status of your relationship and the complexities related to it will often determine which path […]

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Personal Injury Law Firm in Hillsborough County

What Kinds of Cases Do Personal Injury Law Firms Handle?

It’s critical you speak to a lawyer if you’ve experienced an injury due to someone else’s negligence. Your Hillsborough County personal injury law firm is dedicated to ensuring you get fair treatment after an injury. You may not believe you were badly hurt, but your car accident attorney knows some pain doesn’t present immediately. Don’t […]

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Durational Alimony in Tampa, FL

What Is Durational Alimony?

If you’ve been married for several years and make less money than your spouse, you could qualify for durational alimony. Your Tampa divorce lawyer can help determine whether this type of spousal support applies to your situation and how long it will last. Typically, the court will grant this type of alimony when there is […]

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Personal Injury Law Firm in Hillsborough County

What Does a Personal Injury Law Firm Do?

For people who have experienced physical or psychological injuries due to someone else’s negligence, a personal injury lawyer is the right call. Attempting to navigate the legal system on your own while also dealing with the repercussions of an accident isn’t likely to garner the outcome you deserve. Your personal injury law firm in Hillsborough […]

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Sex Offender Probation in Tampa, FL

What Is Sex Offender Probation?

When someone is charged with sexually violent offenses, the prosecutor might make an offer that involves no prison time, called sex offender probation. While this plea deal might seem like a good idea at first, it is always wise to discuss any offers with an attorney to ensure that you are making the most intelligent […]

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Family Attorney in Tampa, FL

How to Find a Good Family Attorney?

Dealing with issues involving family law can be very emotional. This can make it feel like an extra challenge when it comes time to find a family attorney in Tampa—you know you need the legal assistance, but will you be able to make intelligent decisions when things are so sensitive? Finding the right attorney can […]

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Divorce Attorney in Tampa, FL

What Does a Divorce Attorney Do?

When dealing with any legal situation, it is always good to consult with an attorney to take advantage of their knowledge and experience. So, what exactly does a divorce attorney in Tampa do when you reach out to one? The simplest way to put it is that your attorney is dedicated to protecting your rights […]

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contested divorce in tampa fl

What Happens in a Contested Divorce

A divorce can be a very emotional time for everyone involved. This can make it difficult for both parties to see eye-to-eye when it comes time to divide marital property, debt, and child custody, among other issues. When this happens, a divorce is considered “contested.” A contested divorce in Tampa takes a lot more time […]

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