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Time Sharing

Who gets to have the kids?

Tampa Time Sharing Attorneys

When determining who the child will stay with, Florida Courts will always make the decision based on what is in the child’s best interest. Florida Courts will usually come up with a solution that keeps both parents involved in the child’s life. While many parents may wish to have sole custody, this is somewhat rare because it is the court’s policy to consider options where both parents are involved first. Our Tampa family lawyers will assist you and your children by making sure you get as much time as possible with your kids.

During the court’s analysis, it will consider the following factors pursuant to Florida Statute Section 61.13:

I want to see my kids more

Our Family attorney in Tampa handles petitions to modify time sharing arrangements. These cases require the court to consider the same factors listed above, but the party seeking modification must allege and prove some sort of significant change in circumstances to get the court to modify the prior order.

These cases often arise out of the following situations:

The court will consider specific factors set out in Florida law to determine the time sharing arrangement. We work on focusing and directing our client’s evidence and arguments into these specific statutory factors.


Our attorneys are experienced in representing our clients for family law in Tampa Florida. If you need representation in your family law case, contact our firm today.