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Injunctions/Restraining Orders

Our Tampa divorce attorneys are very experienced in representing both people trying to get injunctions or restraining orders and those trying to avoid an injunction or restraining order being filed against them.  Florida Courts and Law refer to restraining orders as injunctions because they are a legal order preventing someone from doing something – having contact with the named party.

Injunctions are often filed in family law matters because local Tampa Bay Area Circuit Judges are referring any related family law matters to a general magistrate, except alimony of course.  For example, an individual can file an injunction, which is totally free, and then request the General Magistrate order child support in Tampa, FL and/or time sharing.  Ultimately, these cases have unfortunately skewed the real meaning and intent of Florida law regarding injunctions.

How can I get him/her to leave me alone?

Tampa Injunction Attorneys

An injunction is the equivalent of a restraining order. It is an order from a Florida civil court governed by the Florida Rules of Civil Procedure protecting the petitioner from having further contact with the respondent in the case.  Florida Statute Section 741.30 codifies and created this cause of action ultimately.

Many respondents routinely ask whether the court will issue a mutual injunction preventing the petitioner from having contact with the respondent and vice versa. Unfortunately, injunctions do not work that way, they are only granted for one party against another party.  They are similar to no-contact orders in criminal domestic violence cases.

Injunctions are often sought in domestic violence and family law cases. Our experience handling both criminal and family law cases give us a unique holistic approach to handling injunctions. Injunctions are an important tool for people in abusive relationships because they carry significant criminal penalties with them if they are violated.

Our divorce lawyers in Tampa, FL have aggressively and successfully handled thousands of criminal cases throughout the entire Tampa Bay Area.  If you would like to contact one of our Tampa Injunction Attorneys immediately, please either call our Office immediately, we have folks standing by to assist you with your case 24 hours a day, or use the “contact us now” tab in the upper right hand corner.  Further, we have a free, secure chatbox in the lower right hand corner, where you will actually speak with an attorney.   We appreciate your time in checking our website and look forward to hearing from you.