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Representing Your Legal Needs in Tampa, FL

Hackworth Law, P.A. proudly represents the community of Tampa, FL, by providing a variety of legal services. Our law firm can represent cases including divorce, DUI, domestic violence, wrongful death, personal injury, and felony probation in Tampa, FL. Listed below are three qualities you can expect from our legal team and attorneys.

Personalized Legal Services

When you engage Hackworth Law as your law firm, you will speak and meet with your attorneys. Unlike other firms, you will not be limited to just a paralegal, law clerk or case manager. You will speak and meet personally with Jonathan E. Hackworth or Kelli L. Mitchell.  Our Tampa Lawyers pride themselves on their accessibility to their clients.

Quality Over Quantitiy

Hackworth Law limits the number of cases each attorney handles. The next time you talk with an attorney, ask them how many cases they carry in addition to yours. We believe in quality over quantity, which allows each of our attorneys an intimate knowledge of your case.  Our Tampa Lawyers will know the unique facts and circumstances of your case.

Tailored to Fit Your Needs

Individual or business, the attorneys of Hackworth Law are your trusted advisors and tailor our practice areas to your specific and changing legal needs.Our breadth and depth of experiences are unique and gives us numerous advantages over other firms.  Our Tampa Lawyers will work to find a personalized solution to even your most difficult issues.


These three ideals help Hackworth Law, P.A. stand out from other Tampa law firms. Our compassionate attorneys are dedicated to providing the Tampa community with exceptional legal representation for a variety of cases. From petit theft in Florida to working with child visitation cases, our attorneys are versatile when it comes to defending our clients’ rights. Finding a family attorney in Tampa who will represent your best interest and your children’s best interests is easy when you trust Hackworth Law.

Contact our firm today for additional information about how we are able to tailor legal representation to meet your exact needs.

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