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contested divorce in tampa

Common Reasons Why a Divorce May Become Contested

Even when a marriage is clearly over, the thought of going through the divorce process can feel like a daunting specter hanging over you. To help you keep your divorce uncontested, it is essential to understand some of the reasons why people end up in a contested divorce in Tampa. Here are three top reasons divorce attorneys typically see a divorce going to court.

Debt & Asset Division – During a divorce, all marital assets and debts must be divided. If the parties cannot agree on how these assets and debts are to be divided, the divorce becomes contested. A dispute can also arise if the parties cannot agree on whether an asset is a martial or separate property.

Involvement of a Minor Child – If a divorce involves minor children, the terms of the required parenting plan can quickly turn an amicable divorce into a contested one. This parenting plan must contain information about how the parents plan to handle fundamental issues after the divorce, including the child’s primary residence, the parenting schedule for the non-residential parent, who will pay child support and how much, who is responsible for the child’s medical insurance, and other related concerns.

Alimony – Spousal support is not part of the division of marital assets, nor is it related to child support. That said, if one party requests spousal support, it can cause an otherwise uncontested divorce to become a contested one.