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Tips for Divorcing After Age 50

While the divorce rate throughout the United States is on the decline, there has been a rise in divorces between people over the age of 50. These separations are known as “gray divorces,” and they have a distinct set of challenges. A family attorney in Tampa, FL, can help people through the process. However, it […]

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What is Durational Alimony?

The state of Florida officially recognizes six different types of alimony, awarded based on specific factors such as the length of the marriage, the needs of one party, and the ability to pay of the other, and the responsibilities of each party when it comes to any children they share. Durational alimony was introduced in […]

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Tampa Drug Attorneys: Do they have to let me into drug court?

Tampa Drug Attorneys are constantly asked this question by those individuals charged with first time drug offence. Before even exploring this issue, it’s first important to discuss how cases initially end up in drug court. In the court systems in the Tampa Bay area, the Clerk of Court automatically assign possession of controlled substance cases, […]

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Criminal Defense Lawyer Tampa: What is CODIS?

Many Tampa criminal lawyers hear many questions from their clients concerning CODIS, when it is mentioned in their discovery during their pending criminal case relating to DNA evidence. As we have discussed elsewhere on our Tampa criminal lawyer blog, the power and impact of scientific evidence is overemphasized by many folks, especially with the spread […]

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Can my codefendants testify against me at trial?

Codefendants testify against each other literally every day in criminal cases across the country.  Tampa criminal attorneys are often asked about codefendants and co-conspirators testifying against each other at their criminal trial.  Unfortunately, yes, they can testify against you at your criminal trial and are often encouraged to do so.  Tampa criminal attorneys often negotiate […]

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Florida Non-Compete Agreements

The business law attorneys at Hackworth Law, P.A. often work with both employers and employees to navigate non-compete agreements in employment contracts. Buyers of a new business may also require the seller(s) to entire into non-compete compete agreements to increase the likelihood that business clients remain with the buyers. Non-compete contracts are enforceable under Florida […]

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