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how long does duration alimony last in tampa, fl

How Long Does Durational Alimony Last in Tampa, FL?

Under Florida divorce law, there are five types of award alimony. A judge may reward any combination of these types of payments, which may be made either periodically or in one lump sum. Today, we are going to look at one of these types—durational alimony.

So, what is durational alimony, and how long does it last? In Florida, this type of alimony can be awarded in short-term or moderate-term marriages. It is for a pre-determined amount of time that cannot exceed the length of the marriage. That means if you were married for three years, one spouse could not receive durational alimony for more than three years.

But what factors do the courts consider when awarding durational alimony? Well, similar to other forms of alimony, Florida law allows the courts to consider a broad range of factors. Some of the most important factors the courts will consider include the following:

  • The Future Financial Prospects of Each Party
  • The Standard of Living a Spouse Became Accustomed To
  • The Sacrifices, If Any, That Each Spouse Made to Support the Relationship

It is important to remember, however, that a Florida court has the power to consider any other factors it deems material when crafting an equitable durational alimony award. Working with a family law attorney can help you be prepared for whatever factors might come up during your divorce proceedings.