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Category Archives: Legal Terms

What is arraignment?

Tampa criminal defense attorneys are often asked about arraignment because it is one of the first things in the criminal prosecution of someone in Florida.  Arraignment is essentially the beginning of the criminal process.  I have often explained to individuals it is essentially the “play button” of a criminal prosecution, it is the formal, actual […]

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Tampa Attorneys: Why are courts so slow?

This a question often posed by family, civil, and criminal law cases to the Tampa attorneys of Hackworth Law. The simple answer is courts like funding space and enough judges to handle the cases they are forced to accept annually. For example, Tampa and St. Petersburg news sources have recently had many stories concerning the […]

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Good Time Legal Definition

I heard someone mention “good time,” what does that mean? Good time is essentially time removed off the back in of prison and jail sentences as a reward for good behavior while someone is in custody. Ultimately, the decision as to whether to reward “good time” to an inmate is left to the Sheriff of […]

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Legal Terms: Beyond a Reasonable Doubt

What is “beyond a reasonable doubt?” As we continue through our basics of the Florida criminal justice system, it is important; we discuss arguably the most important aspect of the criminal justice system, the standard or the burden. “Beyond a reasonable doubt” is the standard of proof the prosecution must prove during a criminal trial. […]

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