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contested divorce in tampa, fl

How Long Can a Contested Divorce Take in Tampa?

Emotionally, a relationship can end in a single moment. Legally, however, things take time— especially if you are facing a contested divorce. In Tampa, the process from beginning to end for a contested divorce can take anywhere from nine months to three years. Some extreme cases even take up to five to six years, but these are outliers.

What Makes a Divorce Contested?

In short, a contested divorce is a case where the former partners struggle to come to an agreement on one or more key issues like child custody and visitation, alimony, dividing marital assets, and other concerns. If the situation remains at a stalemate—or, worse, escalates—then the case may go to trial. While contested divorces are sometimes necessary, most people aim to avoid them due to the longer amount of time they take, the additional expenses they create, and the increased stress involved.

How Can You Divorce More Quickly?

The opposite of a contested divorce is called “uncontested,” and these cases wrap up much sooner. To reap the time- and cost-saving benefits of an uncontested divorce, you and your former partner must agree on key issues—or at least be willing to negotiate in a productive manner. Talk to a divorce attorney to learn what you can expect from the process.