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Protect Yourself with Help from Our Tampa Family Lawyers

Get a Restraining Order with the Help of Our Tampa Family Lawyers

When relationships go sour, it can be hard to disengage – especially when the other party is determined to remain in touch. When you’re ready to go separate ways from your ex-partner, Hackworth Law, P.A. can help you do so gracefully. Turn to our Tampa family lawyers for the guidance you need in seeking an injunction, also known as a restraining order.

Your Privacy & Safety Matter

Requesting an injunction can be an intimidating process, especially for victims of stalking and abuse. However, our firm wants you to know that we care deeply about your safety. We offer decades of experience with family and criminal law, and we do everything we can to keep your interactions with us private, secure, and discreet. Don’t suffer in silence – instead, meet with our Tampa family lawyers to learn how we can help.

Take Back Control of Your Life

It’s an unfortunate, but common scenario: a couple divorces, and one partner simply refuses to let go. Some send a constant stream of texts, emails, and messages on social media, while others go a step further in following their victims and loitering around their homes or workplaces. Though these examples may seem very different, all of them are unacceptable, and you don’t have to tolerate any of them.

Instead, enlist the help of our Tampa family lawyers and discover the difference a restraining order can make in your peace of mind. We believe that you deserve a quiet, peaceful life, one in which you don’t have to worry about a resentful ex-spouse compromising your safety or reputation. That’s why we work hard to secure the documentation and evidence you need to successfully apply for an injunction.

Even if you’re not feeling directly threatened by your ex-partner’s actions yet, it’s important to start a paper trail as soon as they show signs of problematic behavior. Filing a complaint with the police is a smart move because it enables the authorities to trace your ex’s behavior, should it ever become escalated; this in turn makes it easier for our Tampa family lawyers to help you secure a restraining order later on.

Contact our Tampa family lawyers to find out more about injunctions and restraining orders. We serve clients in Tampa, Florida, and the surrounding areas.