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What Does Personal Injury Law Cover?

What Can Our Personal Injury Law Firm in Hillsborough County Do?

You’re driving to work one day, and another vehicle smashes into you at an intersection. Or, you’re shopping when you slip on a puddle seeping out from the coolers in a grocery store. Or, you’re out walking for exercise when a dog runs from a yard and bites you in the calf. What do all of these have in common? These are examples of personal injury accidents.

Generally, such accidents are due to carelessness or a disregard for the safety of others. Legally, the cause is negligence by a person or company that resulted in the injury to another. When you are involved in such an accident, it is best to talk to someone at a personal injury law firm in Hillsborough County. You need an attorney to listen to what happened and let you know if you have a case that would stand up in court.

Seeking Compensation through the Legal Process

The law provides the injured party with the opportunity to seek compensation. This is because injuries often result in substantial medical bills and even physical therapy, as well as time off work. And, it goes without saying that pain and suffering also are part of the equation that allows for compensation.

Getting involved in a lawsuit is a process that could take months or even years to resolve. Detailed reports about what happened are required, and it may be necessary to call in expert witnesses. This is not something you want to handle by yourself. You need the help of someone who is experienced in this type of law to work with you to receive just and fair compensation in your case.

Along the way, there are many tough decisions to make, such as whether to settle the case through negotiations or take it to court. Jury verdicts tend to be worth more money than a negotiated settlement, but they take longer, too. Work with a trusted lawyer to make decisions that are right for you.