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Assault/Battery/Crimes Involving Violence

Our Tampa Violent Crime Attorneys handle countless crimes involving allegations against individuals accused ofTampa Violent Crime Attorney  violence against others. These cases are very unfortunate because more often than not there is a whole other side of the story law enforcement and/or the State Attorney’s Office simply never considered. The good news is that is our job, it is our job to make sure law enforcement, the State Attorney’s Office and the police hear and consider your side of the story, not just the alleged victim’s story.  Countless people have been forced to ponder why the police didn’t even hear or listen to my side of the story. This is especially frustrating because many times these situations are easily explained away, again, though that is our job.

Many times, these individuals are able to rely on Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” statute in their defense. We successfully relied on this defense in the case of the State of Florida v. Ralph Wald. Wald was charged with second degree murder, we successfully argued that our Client was acting in lawful self-defense when he shot a man, he believed was raping his wife. Ultimately, Mr. Wald was acquitted by a jury on May 30, 2013.  This is just one of the examples of our Tampa Violent Crimes Attorneys being successful in these sorts of cases.

Our Tampa Violent Crimes Attorneys also have handled many cases involving misdemeanor battery and/or assault.  Few crimes are more frustrating for individuals then misdemeanor battery because of how little contact is necessary for the charge.  Our Tampa Violent Crimes Attorneys discuss the low standard required for a battery charge in “Do I have to actually touch someone to be charged with a simple battery?”  In short, the distinction between battery and assault is that battery involves touching, while assault does not require a touch or strike.

These cases are very complex because they have long lasting implications on individual’s records and future employment abilities. Many employers will not consider hiring someone with a history violence because of liability concerns. Like other domestic violence cases, these are often used by people for leverage in family law cases for additional alimony or time sharing of children.

Our Tampa Violent Crimes Attorneys can help you in these matters and ensure your rights are protected.  Our Family Law Attorneys will also work with you to ensure that the false allegations against you do not effect your Family Law Case.  We offer free case consultations in these cases and strongly encourage folks to see an attorney in these matters. If you would like to contact one of our Tampa Violent Crimes Attorneys immediately, please use either the “contact” tab in the upper right hand corner of our website or our free, secure chatbox in the lower right hand corner of our website.  We look forward to resolving these matters with you.