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Domestic Violence Attorney in Tampa

The past decade has seen an increase in the investigation and enforcement in all crimes, where the victim and accused share some sort of familial or romantic relationship. Our Tampa Domestic Violence Attorneys have seen all levels or degrees of domestic violence.  Also, law enforcement has become more aggressive in making these arrests because of the potential in violence escalating. Countless Assistant State Attorneys throughout Florida have argued that they cannot drop charges because they fear for the victim’s family because of the relationship.

Many prosecutors argue domestic violence is different because of the following reasons:

Our Tampa Domestic Attorneys can assist because they have handled these difficult cases before. For the above-stated reasons, domestic battery is treated significantly different.  First, it has its own courtroom and prosecutors. Secondly, those charged with domestic battery are held approximately twenty-four hours before they are able to be bonded out. While the overwhelming majority of other crimes have preset bond amounts, someone accused of domestic battery has to go before a judge before they can be released. Lastly, Florida judges will issue a no-contact order between the parties as a condition of the pretrial release of the defendant.  Our Tampa Domestic Violence Attorneys will work with you in getting the no-contact order removed or modified, so you can continue living your life.

Tampa Domestic Violence AttorneysWe pride ourselves on having both the criminal and family law experience to assist you in handling your domestic battery case. Ultimately, the majority of cases involving domestic relationship inevitably involve injunctions and/or divorce/child custody issues. These cases are also used as leverage in divorce and time sharing cases as leverage before family law judges. We have the experience to handle all aspects of your domestic relations case to assist you from beginning to end. We offer free case consultations in these matters and look forward to hearing from you.

If you’re looking for more information, browse below. We’ve listed various blog articles concerning frequently asked questions from people in a similar situation. We look forward to working with you-call 813-280-2911 or fill out a form for a free case evaluation today.