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Drug Crimes

Tampa Drug Attorney - PillsWhile few can dispute that attitudes of Floridians and Americans have changed towards drugs, especially marijuana, drugs are still illegal and strictly enforced throughout Florida. Our Tampa Drug Attorneys provide aggressive representation in drug cases throughout the Tampa Bay Area.   We have had great success in getting charges reduced or dismissed.  While many courts now routinely sentence drug offenders to probation, there are many serious collateral effects. Without an experienced criminal defense attorney, you would likely not be made aware of these issues. For example, if someone is adjudicated of a drug offense under Chapter 893, they will immediately lose their driver’s license for two years and their access to Federal Student Loans. Without the guidance and attention from an experienced criminal defense attorney, you may only learn about these issues after they have already occurred, like when you get pulled over for having an expired drivers’ license and charged with DWLSR or driving while license suspended or revoked.

One may be charged with possessing a controlled substance, generally marijuana, cocaine or some sort of a prescription pain. In recent years, prescription pain pills, such as oxycodone, oxycotine, Xanax, valium, etc. have made up the majority of controlled substance arrests throughout the Tampa Bay area. Our Tampa Drug Attorneys have defended individuals in all sorts of drug cases ranging from simple possession to trafficking charges.  These cases invoke issues with search and seizure, including whether the police were entitled to pull someone’s vehicle over, whether the police properly searched someone, etc. Ultimately, these cases often hinge on very specific facts and situations. We have handled cases a multitude of drug possession cases, involving everything from crack cocaine to marijuana to molly to prescription pain pills and all drugs in between. It is also worth noting many drug charges carry mandatory minimum sentences with them, which result in people not receiving the benefit of good time or gain time. In many cases, generally involving prescription pills and/or methamphetamine, it is absolutely shocking the small amount of the controlled substance it takes to qualify for such sentences and punishments.

Most importantly, we have developed relationships with counselors and individuals at drug treatment and therapy centers across Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco and Polk Counties. These individuals work Tampa Drug Attorney with us to find locations for our clients, so we can get them the help they need to deal with the disease that is addiction, because we understand many clients are simply sick. We pride ourselves on getting our clients the help and assistance they need to forever beat their disease. We have also assisted our clients through the very intense rigors of drug court, which if available is an extremely beneficial program.

We have represented thousands of folks in your situation, either being charged with a crime because of their addiction or a one-time lapse in judgment. Again, we take pride in ensuring our clients get the drug treatment assistance and overcome the cold grasp of addiction. Contact our office for a free case consultation; we look forward to working with you and resolving your case.  Our Tampa Drug Attorneys are standing by to assist you in your case.