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Brandon Domestic Violence Attorneys: Why does domestic violence have its own court?

Our Brandon Domestic Violence Attorneys discuss the unique aspects of domestic violence courts.  Many experts associate this development with several different reasons. The most common reasons are identified below:

First, domestic violence generally follows what is called a cycle of escalating violence. For example, the majority addressing violence simply begins with a push, slap, or punch. Most experts will attribute the next level of violence to immediately follow the apology and honeymoon phase. For instance, immediately after the violence, the offender will medially apologize. This apology may include gifts, flowers, over-the-top apologies, promises, or anything they believe that will help them get back with the victim.  The next level violence tends to be more severe. It will likely involve multiple slapping/pushing or the use of a weapon. The violence follows same the cycle until someone is seriously injured or the victim finally leaves the area. Courts feel it is necessary to appoint specially trained prosecutors, victim witness coordinators, and judges to deal with this unique type of violence.

Secondly the rise of domestic related homicides in the media attention assist with the same in the mid-1990s. The majority of those associated with domestic violence will point to the O.J. Simpson – Nicole Simpson case in the mid-1990s as a prime example of domestic related homicide. It follows the same category and pattern as described above – first with arguments, then physical harm, and ultimately the potential homicide.   These cases are also particularly worrisome for prosecutors because they often involve children and familial relationships.

Lastly, arguably most importantly, domestic violence allegations involved relationships between victims and often their children. For example, the average battery case may involve two individuals who have no affiliation with one another and have no interest ever seeing either person again, like the classic bar fight. It obviously is not a big deal to keep these two individuals separate during probation or during the pendency of the case. However, keeping a mother and/or father away from their child during the pendency of a case or probation is much more troubling problematic for the courts. Specialized courts and prosecutors are necessary to resolve these cases and the related familial issues.

If you or someone you know is been charged with a crime involving domestic violence and/or seeking a domestic violence injunction, contact the Brandon Domestic Violence Attorneys of Hackworth Law. We’ve defended many individuals and domestic violence incidents, ranging from battery, assault and/or murder. As to domestic violence injunctions, we have defended and prosecuted domestic violence injunctions on behalf of our clients had great success doing same. We always offer free case consultations and look forward to assisting you in this matter soon as possible.