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I have never been arrested before

This is another phrase heard by Hillsborough and Pinellas criminal defense attorneys daily. Generally, experienced criminal attorneys, like those at Hackworth Law, recognize the fear, anxiety and apprehension of those explaining the experience of their first arrest. People, who have never been arrested before, present several unique circumstances for Florida criminal defense attorneys.

First and foremost, they are totally foreign to the Florida criminal process. The experienced criminal defense attorneys of Hackworth Law have the experience and knowledge to serve as a guide to you during your first experience with the criminal justice system. When starting Hackworth Law, we wanted to ensure we took the necessary time to explain the ins and outs of the criminal justice system, like the role of the State Attorney, what to expect when going to court for the first time, how to respond to the presiding judge and other matters likely to be encountered.

Additionally, many Circuit Courts have unique programs only available to people, who have never been arrested and/or charged with a crime before. We have the requisite knowledge of the local criminal courts to find such programs and work to get first time offenders into such programs. Often times, these programs may allow first time offenders to avoid jail, heavy fines and/or probation.

Lastly, when we started Hackworth Law and butididntdoit.com, we wanted to ensure we took the time to provide a holistic approach to representing those charged with criminal charges. For example, our approach is different than other St. Petersburg criminal defense attorneys in that it is simply not enough to get one’s drug charges dismissed. We pride ourselves on meeting with first time offenders and working to negotiate agreements with treatment and rehab facilities to get our clients the help and services they needed to ensure they never have to seek out a criminal defense attorney again.

If you have been charged with a crime for the first time or know someone who has, contact our office immediately for a free consultation. Most importantly, never forget the State Attorney and arresting agency have already begun investigating and developing their case against you. We will provide you, your family and friends a holistic approach to your criminal charges that other Tampa defense attorneys simply do not provide.

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