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What Can I Expect at My Injunction Evidentiary Hearing?

Tampa injunction attorneys are often asked what will occur at an injunction evidentiary hearing.  As we have discussed elsewhere on our Tampa injunction attorney blog, an evidentiary hearing occurs prior to the granting of a permanent injunction in Florida.

Both the Petitioner (person that filed the injunction) and the Respondent (person the injunction is filed against) will present evidence at the hearing.  This evidence can include witnesses and tangible evidence.  Generally, judges also allow the parties to present some argument concerning why the injunction should be granted or denied.  The Court will decide if an injunction should be granted and for how long.  These hearings are generally relatively short, but are incredibly significant since they have long term implications on both parties.   Additionally, they are critical when either party is facing criminal charges since their testimony can later be used against them in the criminal prosecution.  It is also worth noting a Tampa injunction attorney can greatly assist you in these hearings since the court will only consider evidence admissible under the Florida Evidence Code. 

If you or someone you know has questions concerning an evidentiary hearing for an injunction, contact the Tampa injunction attorneys of Hackworth Law for a free case consultation.  We have significant experience in both prosecuting and defending against injunctions.  We appreciate your time in checking out our Tampa injunction attorney blog and look forward to hearing from you.