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Can I visit my family at Falkenburg Road Jail or Orient Road Jail?

Many Tampa criminal defense attorneys are asked about folks being able to visit their family and friends in the Falkenburg Road Jail or Orient Road Jail.  Unfortunately, their visits are limited to telephone calls and video visits through a secure facility at Falkenburg Road Jail.  It is important to note though these video visits must be set up and coordinated by the individuals in custody.  As you will recall, these visits became famous during the Casey Anthony trial because it featured countless videos between Casey Anthony and her parents discussing a variety of topics.

It is worth repeating that all communications are monitored between individuals in custody at the Falkenburg Road Jail and Orient Road Jail and their friends and family, so it is critical that the facts or strategy of their case not be discussed during these visits.  Countless Tampa criminal defense attorneys have suffered the terrible feeling of receiving and listening to audio compact discs from the State Attorney’s Office and hearing their defense being discussed extensively.  This will obviously significantly weaken your defense at trial since the State Attorney’s Office has now had an opportunity to prepare for the defense.

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