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FAQ: How are Sinkholes Fixed?

Many folks dealing with a sinkhole have one simple issues – identifying how are sinkholes fixed. Sinkholes are fixed in primarily four different methods.

First, many insurance companies recommend homeowners reinforce their pre-existing foundations. The sinkhole attorneys of Hackworth Law strongly recommend individuals avoid this option as it simply ignores and overlooks the sinkhole itself. This method generally only temporarily corrects open and obvious problems with the foundation and ignores the cause of the problems.

Secondly, chemical grout is another common solution for sinkholes. Chemical grout involves the injection of an epoxy solution into the ground to solidify the ground surface. Generally, chemical grout is used to treat loose sand conditions. In theory, it essentially results in a solid brick of sand in the surface soil. The sinkhole attorneys of Hackworth Law recommend homeowners only consider this option as a part of a more comprehensive remediation plan involving compaction grout or underpinning.

Thirdly, compaction grout involves the interjection of heavy grout to be injected into the known parameters of the sinkhole. This mix essentially consists of thicker concrete than the majority of individuals are familiar with. The sinkhole lawyers of Hackworth Law recommends policyholders ensure their experts know the parameters of the sinkhole prior to agreeing to a remediation plan involving compaction grout. Ultimately, if the overall size of the sinkhole is unknown, it is difficult for the sinkhole to be properly remediated.

Lastly, the final form of remediation is underpinning. Underpinning involves the placement of steel pins underneath the foundation of a residence on top of competent limestone. This is the most extensive and expensive form of remediation available and is often disfavored by insurance companies. Ultimately, many structural engineers will explain it is the reliable method to remediate a sinkhole. The sinkhole dispute attorneys of Hackworth Law strongly encourage any homeowner with a sinkhole to strongly consider the use of underpinning to ensure their residence is secure for future homeowners.

If you or someone you know is struggling with a sinkhole problem, contact the sinkhole lawyers of Hackworth Law for a free case consultation. We will work with you through all steps of the sinkhole process, including neutral evaluation, litigation and ensuring your residence is properly repaired.

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