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What to Do if License is Suspended

Unfortunately, this is most common issue raised to the Tampa criminal lawyers of Hackworth Law. If one were to count the number of criminal cases currently on the dockets of Hillsborough, Pinellas and Polk counties, the overwhelming majority of the charges would in somehow incorporate a suspended license. Many times someone driving with a suspended license leads to the search that finds a driver alleged driving under the influence (“DUI”) or possessing a controlled substance. Unfortunately, this will very likely be seen by the Court as a valid basis for the stop of the vehicle.

In Florida, licenses are suspended for tons of reasons from failing to pay things, such as court costs, fines, child support, suspensions from driving under the influence or possession of a controlled substance or getting too many points on a driving record.

Not only does driving with a license suspended or revoked (“DWLSR”) increase the likelihood of someone being pulled over, if someone is convicted of DWLSR three (3) times in five (5) years, the third one can become a felony. A felony DWLSR is punishable up to five (5) years in a Florida prison along with a hefty fine. Additionally as a convicted felon, one loses many civil liberties including, but not limited to legally possessing and owning a firearm, voting and other similar rights.

If you or someone you know has a suspended license, contact our office for a free case consultation to discuss ensuring you are able to get your license back as soon as possible and for as inexpensive as possible. As we have told countless individuals, it is gut wrenching to hear stories of individual being stuck in jail, while waiting to be bonded out over unpaid traffic tickets. The traffic ticket attorneys of Hackworth Law offer free case consultations concerning these matters. Contact our office to discuss getting your license back and getting you back on the road legally.

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