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What does a D6 Suspension mean?

This is one of the most confusing issues both for Florida drivers and one of the most posed questions to Tampa traffic ticket attorneys.  Unfortunately, Florida drivers encounter these problems very often and receive little to no assistance as to how to resolve them.  Drivers are often left dazed and confused as to what to do once they have paid all their parking or speeding tickets and they still cannot get about driver’s license.

First, let’s talk about what exactly is a D6 suspension.  A D6 suspension occurs when someone fails to abide or comply with court’s requirement on traffic ticket. There are many ways someone could do this and have their license suspended.

The most common way is failing to pay a traffic ticket. This often occurs when someone receives a traffic ticket as part of a misdemeanor/felony charge and they end up going to jail/prison. Years later, they get out of jail/prison and quickly realize they cannot get their license because of a previously unpaid parking speeding ticket. It’s very unfortunate situation because generally these people also are often unable to get work and pay the hefty, large fines often associated with a D6 suspension.

The second most common way for people to suffer a D6 suspension occurs when someone fails to appear for traffic summons. This often occurs when individuals frankly forget they received a summons for traffic court after they have requested a hearing or hearing is in place for them for their ticket. This also unfortunate because people generally are not aware of the D6 suspension until they receive a traffic citation and/or arrest for driving with a license suspended or revoked.

The third most common way drivers receive D6 suspensions concerns when Florida drivers elect to complete some sort of traffic school and they fail to complete it. This often occurs with driving under the influence or speeding tickets to avoid points on their Florida driving record.  Again, this is very unfortunate because these people also only realize they’ve received a D6 cancellation after they have been charged with driving with license suspended or revoked. It’s worth noting that if someone is adjudicated  of three charges of driving while license suspended or revoked, it coud result in a third degree felony, with a maximum of five years prison in Florida. As we’ve told countless individuals, of all the ways to become a convicted felon Florida, felony driving while license suspended or revoked is arguably the worst. A convicted felon will lose their ability to possess firearm, vote and are subjected to many other penalties and hardships.

Now to the most important information, how can we fix a D6 suspension? Fortunately, the Tampa traffic attorneys of Hackworth Law have great experience in assisting folks like you in resolving your D6 suspension. First, we will assist in determining the proper jurisdiction, where the tickets that are suspending your license originate from. This is often more difficult than it sounds, with someone that has many tickets in many places. Secondly, we will assist you in ensuring all required fines are paid for you to get a new valid Florida driver’s license. Thirdly, we will assist you in paying the reinstatement fee to the clerk of the Circuit Court where the tickets originate out of.

It’s worth noting that of all the confusing elements of the Florida traffic system, the D6 suspension is one of the most difficult to comprehend.  One would assume that if your license is canceled or suspended because of unpaid parking tickets, paying the fines would automatically make your license valid again.  Florida’s requirement to pay a reinstatement fee is incredibly confusing for most folks.   This is incredibly confusing and often causes many, many Florida drivers issues down the load.  .

While D6 suspensions are difficult and frustrating to deal with, the Tampa traffic ticket attorneys of Hackworth Law are experienced in dealing with all aspects of them.  We offer free case consultations and will work quickly to ensure you are back on the road quickly and legally.  Thank you for taking the time to check out our Tampa traffic ticket attorney blog and we look forward to hearing from you.