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Car Accident Attorney in Tampa, FL

Do You Need a Tampa Car Accident Attorney to File a Claim?

The hours and days immediately following a car accident can be incredibly stressful. Not only have you potentially been injured, or your car damaged, but now you must begin the emotionally taxing, time-consuming process of seeking damages against the parties responsible. This is why a Tampa car accident attorney is an excellent person to have at your side.

While it is not required or necessary to have an attorney help you with your claims, it is a good way to ensure an expert handles all of the legal issues you may experience during the process. This is particularly helpful if you want to maximize recovery against all responsible parties on your behalf.

As your personal injury advocate, your attorney will assist you with your accident claim from beginning to end, helping you in a variety of different ways, including:

Explaining Your Coverage – Insurance policies can be immensely complicated, and an attorney will be able to review your policy, assess the strength and applicability of each defense, and recommend the types of claims you are able to make against each party.

Negotiating with Interested Parties – Your attorney can communicate with the insurance company and other legally responsible parties on your behalf to properly present your claim for coverage.

Presenting the Best Evidence Supporting Your Claims – Your attorney will identify and recover evidence to support your claims to help you identify all damages available for recovery. This includes collecting physical and documentary evidence from the police, the driver, hospitals, and the insurance company.