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Determining Parental Roles in the Personal Welfare of Children in Child Time Sharing

Child time sharing for divorced parents here in Tampa is going to always be determined based squarely on the best interests of the child (or children) in question. Child custody is already very complex, and it’s never fair to a child to be stuck in a situation of being with a parent more often that they don’t love being around. The same goes for a parent that doesn’t take the initiative to make sure their child has a good life.

Here at Blumenauer | Hackworth Law Firm, we’ll guide you through when Florida law decides whether you or your spouse are the most suitable to raise your child or children. The court will be very thorough in deciding your parental roles and which ones are the most serious and capable of taking care of the child’s needs. We’ll make you aware of what those common things are so you can prepare to prove yourself as a committed parent.

What Will the Court Consider the Most Important with Regards to Child Time Sharing?

Back in 2008, Florida adjusted a child time sharing statute that expanded on the details to ensure thoroughness in a child’s well-being. By doing this, the statute now requires a more detailed plan without having to involve either parent being a primary residence for the child. Through a more detailed plan, the amounts of time the child will have with either parent will be worked out based on certain personal factors.

One of the most important added to the statute is stressing the developmental needs of the child. In order for a child to grow up in a stable environment and become a well-adjusted teen and adult, each parent has to focus on the child’s personal development through life. This can fall under a lot of personal categories. Regardless, it generally focuses on making sure the child completes schooling, gets their medical needs taken care of, plus personal parental involvement in monitoring outside activities the child does outside the home.

The Personal Relationship Between the Parents

How well you and your spouse communicate with one another is going to be another strong factor in child time sharing. Both you and your spouse have to communicate well in order for the child to have a smooth transition between each residence. Through this, the court is going to determine how much you both encourage having good relationships with your child rather than creating discord.

In some cases, this might involve having a third party as part of the child time sharing plan in order to balance things. This could be grandparents or even a personal family friend if the child has a good personal relationship with the third party.

The Past Stability of Each Parent

What you’ve done in the past is going to also play a major factor in how much time sharing you’ll have with your child. Do you have a past of domestic abuse? Even if you’ve realized that was a mistake and took the initiative to be a better person, the court may still consider it a liability or a risk.

Any past record of sexual abuse is also going to be considered strongly. Again, even with proof you or your spouse have become a better parent since dealing with such charges, it could affect you having any time with your child at all.

Personal health is additionally going to be considered in time sharing. If you or your spouse have dealt with major health issues, it can weigh heavily on a child’s psyche as well as your ability to function in caring for them. In many cases, an illness may prevent you from holding a job, hence having too limited of income to be the primary support base for your child.

Contact us here at Blumenauer | Hackworth Law Firm if you’ve just divorced here in Tampa and need a divorce attorney to help you through the child time sharing path. We’ll work closely with both of you to make sure your child gets the upbringing they deserve so they can grow up to be responsible adults.