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Who Loves Your Children More? Child Custody.

This may seem like a ridiculous question, but is this the message your kids will receive with the custody arrangements you’re considering now? Florida’s child time sharing laws eliminate the concept of “primary” and “secondary” child custody enabling both parents to have a close relationship with their children. If you and your spouse are able to parent cooperatively, child time sharing will eliminate, or significantly reduce, the time and money spent in battling over the physical custody situation and financial support as both parents agree to work together to provide for their children equally. In the end, your children will enjoy the love and support of both parents equally and will not be subjected to the heartache of separation from either parent.

Florida divorce court will consider over twenty different factors in evaluating the custody schedule you and your spouse present to ensure it is in the best interest of the children. Among them, the court will evaluate the ability of the parents to work with each other and put the needs of the children before their own, if the parents have shielded the children from the divorce litigation, and the ability of each parent to meet the children’s current and future developmental needs.

Working with an attorney experienced in child time sharing is the best way to ensure that your plan addresses each of the more than twenty factors and that the plan you present to the Court is thoughtful, complete, and equitable. A well thought out time sharing plan is more likely to be approved by the court and is the best way to ensure that you and your spouse will decide how best to divide parental responsibilities and that these decisions will not be taken out of your hands and made by the Court. This also shows the Court that you and your spouse are equally committed to ensuring that your children’s best interests are addressed. The greatest benefit of child time sharing, however, may be that your children will never need to wonder who loves them more.

To schedule an appointment with a Tampa divorce lawyer who is experienced in child time sharing, contact us.