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Tampa Divorce Lawyer: Katharine McPhee, Husband To Divorce


Last week, actress Katharine McPhee announced that she had filed for divorce from Nick Cokas, her husband of six years.

Tampa residents may remember that last year, McPhee (who first achieved fame on “American Idol”) was photographed kissing Michael Morris, who directed her in the now-defunct NBC show “Smash.” Morris is married to actress Mary McCormack.

After the pictures surfaced, McPhee and Cokas announced that they were entering therapy and intended to patch up their relationship. It seems safe to assume that the divorce announcement means those efforts were not successful.

This is something we often see in our Tampa family law office. Many couples whose relationship has become strained try to fix it; sometimes it works and sometimes it does not. It’s valiant to try, but it is important to look at the situation honestly and with clear eyes.

We hope all of our readers understand that while attempting to save a marriage is worthwhile, it isn’t a miracle cure. It’s just a fact that some marriages are meant to end and cannot and should not be saved.

If you have doubts about the strength of your relationship, you might consider having a consultation with a Tampa divorce lawyer. This conversation will leave you informed about your options, and that will enable you to start thinking about what path you might take.

If you are interested in speaking with a lawyer at Blumenauer | Hackworth Law Firm, please know that you can contact us at a time that is right for you.