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Florida Child Support Calculator – How is Child Support Determined?

How Does the Court Determine the Amount of Child Support I am Owed?

Many free Florida Child Support Calculators offer free estimates for monthly child support payments.  This is a question posed by many folks going through various family law issues, including child custody and divorce proceedings. The good news is it is relatively simple and set forth by the State of Florida. The simplest explanation is that the incomes of the parents are combined, the total numbers of nights with both parents are taken into consideration and adjustments are made to benefit the party providing the majority of the health insurance. Despite playing such a major part in many people’s lives, the guidelines are relatively simple and straightforward.

You Can Use a Florida Child Support Calculator to Estimate Your Support Amount.

For a brief calculation, we recommend this Florida Child Support Calculator, which is also recommend by the State as a quick reference for determining a child support payment. It is worth mentioning, the child support lawyer of Hackworth Law do not endorse or certify the accuracy of the aforementioned child support calculator. For a more exact calculation, we strongly recommend you consult a child support attorney.

If you or someone you know has any questions concerning their child support payment or the proper amount of child support, they should be receiving contact the Tampa child support attorneys of Hackworth Law for a free case consultation.

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