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Are there any minimum mandatories on Tampa sex crimes?

Tampa sex crimes attorneys are asked about whether there are minimum mandatory sentences associated with sex crimes and charges. While the level of the offense may score mandatory prison time, few Florida sex crimes feature statutorily provided minimum mandatories. Perhaps, the most common minimum mandatory sentence invoked within the realm of sex crimes relates to a violation of Florida Statute Section 800.04(5)(b). We have highlighted the minimum mandatory below.

A first time violation of Florida Statute § 800.04(5)(b), for lewd or lascivious molestation of a child under age 12 by an adult over age 18 features a 25 year minimum mandatory. A second conviction under the same Statute results in a required life sentence. Fortunately, this is the only Florida sex charge featuring a minimum mandatory sentence. As you can imagine, this significant minimum mandatory causes many of these charges to require a jury trial given the prison sentence. We have discussed elsewhere on our blog that only the State Attorney’s Office can legally waive the minimum mandatory. Unfortunately, this is very frustrating for many folks, who believe the Judge can still sentence them below the minimum mandatory sentence.

Further a conviction under this Statute carries the requirement that the individual register as a sex offender and under sex offender probation.  We discuss the difficulties of sex offender probation on our blog, we provided a link to our articles, here.

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