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What are motions in limine?

Tampa trial attorneys are often asked specifically about is meant by a motion in limine. Motions in limine are often discussed prior to trial regarding ensuring either the inclusion or exclusion of evidentiary matters. For example, in a Tampa DUI case, a Tampa trial attorney will likely move to exclude testimony and arguments concerning horizontal gaze nystagamus (HGN) unless the arresting officer was qualified to administer the test. If you have further questions regarding Tampa DUI cases, please visit our section regarding Tampa DUIs.  Another prime example of a motion in limine is to exclude inadmissible hearsay from a telephone calls, video, etc.

The majority of the time motions in limine are decided prior to the trial date, this is a great benefit for Tampa trial attorneys because it provides a more accurate preview of the evidence expected to come out during trial before the jury. Obviously, it is far more difficult to plan for a trial without knowing whether certain pieces of evidence are coming in at trial or not.  Motions in Limine essentially give Tampa trial attorneys the opportunity to begin molding and shaping the evidence being admitted at trial, without having to attempt to do so in front of a jury.  Regardless of the admonishments and warnings from the Court, folks simply have a very hard time disregarding they hear something when serving as a juror.

If you or someone you know has questions concerning motions in limine or Tampa trial issues, contact the Tampa trial attorneys of Hackworth Law for a free case consultation. We have tried many cases, involving jury and non-jury trials, ranging from murder to family law matters to driving under the influence to foreclosure matters. If you would like to contact one of our Tampa trial attorneys immediately, please use the “contact us now” tab in the upper right hand corner of our website. We appreciate you taking the time to check out our Tampa trial attorney’s blog and look forward to working with you.