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graphic of a divorcing couple pulling a house apart with red strings

Navigating a Contested Divorce in Tampa

Divorce is never easy, but it’s even more complicated when there is a broad area of disagreement between the spouses. When the husband and wife differ on even one issue, they’re involved in what is called a contested divorce in Tampa.

As you can guess, when there are areas of dispute, the divorce is more complicated and takes longer. Here are the steps to be completed:

Petition for Dissolution of a Marriage — A contested divorce requires your lawyer to file a petition with the circuit court.
Mandatory Disclosure — Both you and your spouse must file a financial statement with information about income, budget, debts, and assets.

Motions — You may need to resolve specific issues concerning the divorce right away. These may concern alimony, child support, and/or a parenting plan.

Discovery — Both sides can request documents and statements. Usually, these concern financial matters.

Mediation and/or Trial — The county court may require you and your spouse to go through mediation to resolve outstanding issues. If this doesn’t work, then the divorce goes to court for a trial date. In this case, the judge decides the outcome of any unresolved matters.

As contested divorces can be complicated and emotional, you want a skilled attorney at your side to help you move through the legal system as efficiently as possible with an outcome that is fair to you and yours.