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What is a no contact order in a domestic violence case?

Tampa domestic violence attorneys are often asked about the no contact order put in place by the presiding judge at first appearance in their domestic violence. In Tampa, Judge Heinrich, who handles the overwhelming majority of first appearances hearings, will specifically state that you are legally prohibited from having any contact with the victim and if you live with the victim, you are permitted to go back once to get your stuff from the residence with law enforcement. This is especially difficult for individuals, who have lived and paid for the residence for years.

There are obviously significant penalties for those that violate no contact orders, including the revocation of someone’s bond and requiring an increased bond to be posted. As you can imagine, the court is going to significantly increase any bond, if the no contact order is violated. Many times, folks are frustrated because they are being contacted by the victim after the order is put in place and they are unable to respond. It is critical to point out that no contact orders are not mutual, they only limit contact one party from contact the other.

As we have discussed elsewhere on our blog, the Florida Legislature has begun requiring Judges to enact no contact orders in other cases, specifically those involving sex crimes.  An example of a no contact order being putting in place after the completion of a sentence is within Florida Statute Section 921.244.

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