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Plant City Drug Attorneys: Will I lose my job because of this arrest?

This is one of the more often posed questions to Plant City Drug Attorneys because folks with jobs are immediately concerned about their ability to provide a livelihood for their families and themselves immediately after their arrest.  In short, like so many other things in the criminal defense realm – it simply depends.  It depends on a number of factors which we will highlight on our Tampa criminal lawyer blog for you to consider as to whether you are likely to lose your job.

Obviously, the first thing to consider is the nature of your job.  This is especially important if your job involves anything related to your criminal offense.  For example, if your job involves driving and you’re charged with driving under the influence, it’s likely that this will have significant impact on your job.  Further, if your job deals with some sort of position of trust and/or authority, like a bank teller, and you’re charged with some sort of criminal case involving fraud, theft and/or dishonesty, it’s obvious that those criminal charges may significantly impact your ability to maintain your job since those criminal charges directly relate to the duties and responsibilities of your job.  It really just depends on the relationship between the charge and your job.

It also depends on your relationship with your employer.  Obviously if your employer has been looking for years for a reason to try to fire or terminate you, this may give them the excuse and opportunity to do so.  It is critical you are up front with our Plant City Drug Attorneys concerning the relationship with your employer because it puts us in a better situation to work with your employer.  If you’ve had a good relationship with your employer, they may be more willing to try to work with you and try to find some alternative arrangement in light of the criminal charge.  Again though, only you and your employer are aware of the status of this relationship, our Plant City Drug Attorneys will do everything to assist you with keeping your job.

Our Plant City Drug Attorneys have worked with employers by providing status updates throughout the proceedings, with the consent of our client obviously, to reassure them that matters are going well.  We’ve also gone out of our way to specifically discuss criminal matters, again with the consent of our attorney, our client, with their employers regularly to keep them involved and updated on the matter. Some employers request these sorts of updates so that they can have an idea about what’s going on with the case and can make a more educated decision as to whether to permit the individual to stay with the company and/or terminate them immediately.  Our Plant City Drug Attorneys have experience working with employers to assist our clients in keeping their jobs.

If you have questions concerning how your job is likely to handle your criminal charges or questions concerning your criminal charges in general, contact the Plant City Drug Attorneys of Hackworth Law for a free case consultation.  We’ve handled thousands of criminal matters throughout the Tampa Bay area and look forward to working with you to develop a strategy to defend yourself in your criminal matter and ensure your rights are protected. If you would like to contact one of our Plant City Drug Attorneys immediately, please use the “contact us now” tab in the upper right-hand corner of our website.  We appreciate your time and attention to this matter and look forward to working with you in defending your rights and protecting your interests in your criminal matter.