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The Police Lied During My Arrest, What Can I Do?

If the you believe that the “police lied during my arrest” or misstated facts about the circumstances of your arrest, you need to quickly retain a criminal defense attorney to begin interviewing witnesses and collecting evidence to assist in the case before it is lost or destroyed.  Unfortunately, this issue has become so prevalent that even major national newspapers, such as the New York Times are even doing articles on the issue.  We have attached one such article on the issue from the New York Times, here.  Here is another such article from the Chicago Tribune about five different cops lying in one hearing.  It is important to note nearly all of the members of local law enforcement, including but not limited to the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office, Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office, Polk County Sheriff’s Office, St. Petersburg Police Department, Clearwater Police Department and Tampa Police Department are upstanding officers, who do their best to keep the street safe every day, but unfortunately a few bad officers ruin the reputation of so many officers.

Unfortunately in these cases, people generally wait to retain a criminal defense attorney to assist them in their defense and they suffer the consequences of this decision. For example, many times witnesses are unable to be located, their memories fade or other physical evidence is lost. This is especially true in cases involving driving under the influence or DUI because often times people, who witnessed the individual consume one alcoholic beverage disappear forever and the accused is force to defend themselves against law enforcement and the State Attorney’s Office without this critical witness. Additionally, people often lose the receipt that proves they only in fact did not consume one or two beers; rather than the amount the State Attorney’s Office is accusing them of consuming.

As Tampa Bay Area Judges hear countless folks claim “police lied during my arrest”, it is critical if we are going to such allegations, we have it backed up with hard evidence.  Fortunately, if we are retain our skilled investigator can locate these witnesses and proof of purchase prior to them being lost forever. Contact the St. Petersburg criminal attorneys of Hackworth Law for a free consultation, so we can discover what can be done to assisting you in proving that the “police lied during my arrest.”

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