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The Right Ways to Deal With Your Tampa Attorney

In life, there are right ways and wrong ways to deal with problems. For example, when dealing with a mugger, throwing bacon is a “wrong” way. If you are facing legal issues in Tampa, we have the right ways for dealing with your Tampa attorney.

1st Right Way – Be quick.

Time is not on your side. Be aware that evidence disappears. Witness memories cloud over. Video of the incident you need may vanish. Unfortunately, too many businesses record over surveillance footage records as part of an ongoing loop.

Worse, the clock on legal deadlines begins whether or not you have hired your own representation for either criminal or civil matters. From the moment you are formally charged, time is of the essence. The machinery of the criminal justice system now rules your life.

Alternatively, from the moment you have a car accident, your time to protect your claim rights dwindles with each passing day. Should you find yourself at the receiving end of a lawsuit, your answer deadline is set from the time you are served.

2nd Right Way – Tell the whole story.

Without all of the facts; the good, the bad and the ugly–your legal champion is hamstrung. Remember your attorney is on your side. Sugar-coating your version of events can lead to a nasty surprise when the opposition presents their case.

Rest assured, your own attorney will probably hear unflattering details about you from opposing counsel. Why not be upfront and tell your side to the one person who can help you? Knowledge really is power.

3rd Right Way – Keep it local.

If your legal troubles are in Tampa, it only makes sense to hire counsel from Tampa. With all due respect to attorneys from elsewhere, only Tampa attorneys routinely employ the local knowledge crucial to your case.

Naturally, out of town lawyers know the law. However, what they do not know so well are those pesky local procedural rules that vary from place to place. From everyday practice, your local attorney knows the courts, personnel and procedures that can make or break your case in Tampa.

To talk more about this, or anything else, please contact us. We would be delighted to deal with you the right way. Thank you.