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I was served with a domestic violence injunction, do I need to show up?

This question is often posed to Tampa domestic violence injunction attorneys by clients, who do not want to go to court, unless they absolutely have to.  Yes, if you fail to show to the domestic violence injunction hearing, more specifically the injunction return hearing, the domestic violence injunction will most certainly be granted unless the petitioner fails to appear. There are many long-term implications of having an injunction against you, including your unable to possess a firearm or ammunition. Also, the injunction appears on your permanent record. There are often many defenses to domestic violence injunctions regarding the time and severity of the alleged threats.  Further, many times petitioners for domestic violence injunctions have ulterior motives, such as gaining leverage in a divorce or child custody case, retaliation for moving on from the relationship, financial means, etc.

It is also worth noting that the injunction could have long-lasting implications on you if there is a pending or future family law matter. It’s very unfortunate when individuals fail to contest the injunction, and then the injunction becomes a major issue when dealing with the time sharing of their child, possession of their marital home, etc…

Many times, when both parties are represented by a Tampa domestic violence injunction attorney during a pending family law matter, the parties will be able to agree to a no contact order rather than an injunction. The no contact order is still enforceable by motion for contempt in the family law matter, but it does not contain all of the stigma and other matters concerning an injunction.  Often times, parties will begin with a stipulation and if things do not work out with it, they will simply move forward with the injunction later.

If you or someone you know has been served with preparing to serve someone with a domestic violence injunction, contact the domestic violence injunction attorneys of Hackworth Law, P.A. for a free case consultation.  Injunctions have long-lasting implications on people’s lives, and it is very difficult to see individuals who fail to contest injunctions and are forced to suffer with the consequences. We look forward to working with you and appreciate you taking the time to read our blog.