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But it is only Spice or K2…

Many individuals who fear drug tests have turned to using Spice or other forms of synthetic marijuana.  Countries around the Tampa Bay area, including, but not limited to Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco, and Sarasota Counties have outlawed and banned the sale of synthetic marijuana. Unfortunately, now an underground market for these synthetic drugs has arisen. The market for these synthetics is unlike more commonly known illegal narcotics which are sold by individuals, not companies.  Many companies are attempting to sell these synthetic marijuana substances and others “under the counter”.  For example, August 14, 2013, the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office raided many stores in the area looking only for synthetic marijuana brands, like Spice or K2.   Spice was literally found being sold below the counter under legal substances, like cigarettes, lottery tickets, etc.

It appears that these law enforcement agencies are utilizing undercover agents to go into these stores, purchase the drugs, and later raid the store seizing their merchandise and ultimately pressing criminal charges against the owners and proprietors of the store. Many times the individuals selling these illegal substances are simply following orders from their bosses. They are also now being prosecuted.

Additionally recently, law enforcement has begun raiding factories producing Spice and other like substances throughout the Tampa Bay Area.  Literally this week, there was a raid of a facility in Eastern Hillsborough County, which was well-publicized.

The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office has increased enforcement and detection of these drugs and literally is raiding these businesses nearly weekly. If you or someone you know has questions concerning the legality of Spice, K2 or other synthetic marijuana’s, contact the Tampa Drug Offense Attorneys of Hackworth Law, P.A. for a free case consultation.  We have extensive experience in defending those charged with possession of these synthetic marijuana substances, and those charged with the sale of it.  We offer free case consultations and appreciate you stopping by our blog today, if there is anything we can do to help you please do not hesitate to contact our office.