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Tampa Child Support Attorneys: Am I entitled to Child Support?

Tampa child support attorneys are often asked how much people will owe for child support.  As we have discussed elsewhere on our Tampa child support attorney blog, Florida law imputes an ongoing duty on parents to continue supporting their children.  It is also worth noting parents cannot simply agree not to pay child support.

The court may, at any time, require either parent to pay child support, or in some cases both parents.  Frankly, you and your child may be missing out on valuable financial support by an absent father or mother.  In almost all cases, child support is terminated on the child’s 18th birthday. There are some unique exceptions to this statement, but those require close, detail oriented analysis. 

The court will issue a child support amount, a schedule for when child support is to be paid, and the month, day, and year when child support terminates or is reduced.  Child support is based upon monthly income.  Child supported can be calculated using the calculator in Florida Statute 61.30.  While the child support guidelines can provide a rough estimate of how much one will have to pay, we recommend individuals consult with an experienced Tampa child support attorney to get a more exact estimate.  We strongly recommend individuals make payments through the State Disbursement Unit to avoid allegations regarding child support arrearages.  Additionally, it takes out difficulties with parents continually chasing one another for payment. 

If you or someone you know have questions concerning child support, contact the Tampa child support attorneys of Hackworth Law for a free case consultations.  We can assist you and your child in receiving the financial support; you are legally obligated and owed by the absentee parent.  We appreciate you checking out our Tampa child support blog and look forward to working with you.