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Tampa DUI Attorney:even worth fighting a high blow/BAC?

Yes, unfortunately this is one of the most common misconceptions of folks throughout the Tampa Bay Area.  Many folks assume it’s not worth retaining a Tampa DUI attorney to defend them if the case includes a high BAC.  A high blow/BAC does not necessarily mean you are a guilty of driving under the influence or DUI.

First, let’s talk about what a high blow actually means.  Simply put, it just means that a machine, that is poor maintained, showed a high number.   The technologic and scientific issues with the breathalyzers used throughout Florida are well-documented.  Further, issues with the maintenance protocol supervised and monitored by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement has been marred with scandals and many other issues since its inception.

Secondly, there are always potential driving defense to a Tampa DUI.  For example, many Tampa DUIs have major issues with the stop and investigation of the DUI.   If you have been spending any time on the internet searching for information concerning DUIs, I am sure you have read a tremendous amount about probable cause, reasonable suspicion, etc.  These critical legal standards are important in determining whether there are any viable options to suppressing the evidence in your case.

Lastly, simply quickly pleading guilty to “just get it over” will cause many more problems than it is worth.  Many times, the State Attorney’s Office will reduce charges, fines or probationary periods for a variety of reasons in Tampa DUI cases.   Many Tampa DUI attorneys are able to save their Clients the cost of their own attorney’s fees by getting probationary terms dropped, fines reduced, etc.  More importantly, subsequent DUIs have much more severe penalties.  If you have checked out our Tampa DUI attorney blog before, we have other blog articles demonstrating the enhanced penalties per the number of DUI.

If you or someone you know has questions concerning their Tampa DUI, contact the Tampa DUI attorneys of Hackworth Law.  Our consultations are free and we would be more than happy to discuss how a Tampa DUI attorney can help you in your case.  Thanks for checking out our blog and we look forward to hearing from you.