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Tampa Speeding Ticket Attorneys: What will happen at traffic court?

Tampa speeding ticket attorneys are often asked about what will happen during traffic court.  Frankly, traffic court is essentially expedited typical criminal court.  It moves much quicker than regular criminal court and in some ways is far more informal.   For many people, the speed of traffic court intimidates many folks and only adds to their anxiety concerning appearing before the court.  People’s fear of public speaking is only further aggravated when they realize they will be forced to speak in front of a room full of strangers, including law enforcement.  Tampa speeding ticket attorneys prevent you from having to experience this anxiety and missing work to come to court.

If you retain one of the Tampa speeding ticket attorneys of Hackworth Law to handle your traffic ticket, we will appear on your behalf.  Our first priority is to carefully evaluate the ticket to identify any technical deficiencies of the ticket.   Many times there are technical issues with the ticket that require the court to dismiss the charge.

Your Tampa speeding ticket attorney will then represent you before the court in working to obtain a favorable resolution and/or dismissal of the charge.   Many times a favorable resolution of the charge will include either a withhold of adjudication and/or reduction of the fine and penalties against you.  The withhold will have no impact on your car insurance, as opposed to the adjudication which will inevitably raise your car insurance rates.

We have handled a wide variety of these tickets ranging from speeding tickets to stop sign and red light violations and all charges in between.  We have handled thousands of these tickets and have had great success in getting either withholds, reductions and/or dismissals of the charges.  Our Tampa speeding ticket attorneys offer free case consultations and convenient payment plans.  Thank you for your time in looking over our blog and we look forward to hearing from you.