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Tampa Timesharing Attorneys: What is a parenting coordinator?

Our Tampa Timesharing Attorneys have extensive experience discussing parenting coordinators with our clients and how the appointment of the same can assist in their case.  Tampa Bay area judges are becoming more and more likely to appointing a parenting coordinator in cases where parents are constantly fighting and disputing seemingly minor and insignificant issues before the court. Unfortunately though, many times the parties are unaware of what a parenting coordinator specifically does and how they can either hurt/help their case. Our Tampa timesharing attorneys take specific care to ensure that we’re constantly updating our clients about how any decision made by the court can assist us in getting what you want out of your Tampa family law case.

Parenting coordinators are generally licensed mental health professionals with some sort of a focus on family law cases or children in general. These folks are specifically selected by the court because of their experience and understanding of family law issues, including litigation issues.  Generally, court use the same parenting coordinators in similar cases.

A parenting coordinator works with parents so that they can learn how to “co-parent” by conducting conflict avoidance by communicating more effectively and arguably most importantly, avoiding parental alienation. Unfortunately, once a divorce begins, it’s nearly impossible for the parties to communicate effectively and a parenting coordinator will work to ensure they’re able to coordinate and communicate effectively only about the minor children.  Further, the phrase “co-parenting” is constantly used by the court and will be moderated and mediated by the parenting coordinator. The parenting coordinator will ensure the parties attempt to communicate and work out major issues together, rather than one party making the decision then informing the other party that’s been done.  A good parenting coordinator can also keep the party out of court by resolving issues out of court and saving money for both parties.

It’s worth noting though that a parenting coordinator can either by appointed by the court or agreed to by the parties. If the parenting coordinator is appointed by the court, the coordinator will then more than likely report back to the court. This is where a parenting coordinator can significantly help or hurt a party. If a person is constantly fighting through the parenting coordinator, you can imagine their testimony reported to the court will not be favorable towards that spouse. As we constantly tell our clients, it’s important to remember the words matter and words said to third parties appointed by the court especially matter because the court picked that parenting coordinator for a reason.  Usually, courts appoint parenting coordinators, they know and trust.

If you have questions concerning a parenting coordinator or other questions concerning your Tampa family law case, contact the Tampa timesharing attorneys of Hackworth Law for free case consultation. We’ll sit down with you and determine the most effective strategy for your rights to be protected and your Tampa family law matter. If you’d like to contact one of our Tampa timesharing attorneys immediately, use the “Contact Us Now” tab in the upper right hand corner of our website. We appreciate your time and attention checking out our Tampa timesharing attorney blog and look forward to working with you in the future.