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Tampa Traffic Ticket Attorneys: What is “aggressive” careless driving in Florida?

Tampa Traffic Ticket Attorneys are often asked about the difference between “aggressive” careless driving and regular careless driving.  From a statutory stand point, aggressive careless driving is regulated by Florida Statute Section 316.1923. This Statute requires an individual to commit two of six identified acts simultaneously or in succession to establish aggressive careless driving as opposed to generic careless driving.

The six enumerated acts, of which two are required to be committed simultaneously in succession to commit aggressive careless driving are:

1) Exceeding the posted speed as defined in S.322.27;

2) Unsafely or improperly changing lanes as defined in S.316.085;

3) Following another vehicle too closely as defined in S.316.895(1);

4) Failing to be yield the right of way as defined in S.316.079,S.316.0815, or S.316.123;

5) Improperly passing as defined in S.316.083, S.316.084, or S.316.085;

6) Violating traffic control and signal devices as defined in S.316.074 and S.316.075.

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