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What is a motion for contempt?

A Motion for Contempt is used in Tampa family law cases to seek enforcement and sanctions, when a party violates a court order.   The most common motions for contempt relate to violations of timesharing agreements and/or failing to pay child support.  Of course though, a motion for contempt can be used to ensure compliance with any portion of a court order, including monetary and non-monetary provisions.

While the overwhelming majority of motions for contempt resolve without a hearing, many require evidentiary hearings.  Both parties will have the opportunity to present evidence, call witnesses and make arguments to the Court.  In essence, the evidentiary hearing is tantamount to a mini-trial.

The Court has a wide variety of sanctions available to use in response to a motion for contempt.  The sanctions include, but are not limited to economic sanctions, compliance with the original Court order, payment of attorney’s fees, etc.  Even more importantly, a skilled Tampa family law attorney can use prior findings of contempt in support of future modification efforts of final judgements.

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