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Separation Agreement in Tampa, FL

What to Consider When Creating a Separation Agreement

For former couples in Tampa, a separation agreement is a simple way to determine their respective rights and obligations after a relationship ends. This valuable tool can be utilized by partners who cohabited together but never married as well as married couples who intend to file for divorce. The following are some key things to consider while drafting your separation agreement.

Property: How will the ownership of property and other assets be settled? You and your partner likely purchased or invested in many valuable items together, such as homes, vehicles, or stocks, so you must determine who will take ownership of what or how to divide items where necessary.

Support Obligations: Often, one partner works solely or partly within the household to support their employed partner, sacrificing their own career prospects. After the relationship ends, that partner may need financial support. Likewise, if children are in the picture, child support payments can be settled in a separation agreement.

Parenting Rights: After you and your partner separate, how will parenting time be split? How will you make major decisions about your children, such as educational and medical issues? It’s important to consider these questions and more before a problem arises.

These are just three things to consider when creating a separation agreement; you and your partner likely have many more concerns to settle. It’s best to work with an experienced separation and divorce attorney to ensure a clean split.