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Why You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer to Help You through the Claims Process

When you are involved in a car accident, many things will be running through your head. One of the last things that may cross your mind is how you might be paying for any damages or health care costs after all is said and done. Many people have insurance policies as a way to help pay for these costs. In many cases, claims are filed as normal. However, some instances may require the intervention of a personal injury law firm in Hillsborough County, FL.

As cynical as this may sound, the insurance company is never quite on your side. When you start a claim, the company will send an adjuster to collect data about your car accident. The adjuster’s job is to find ways for the insurance company to save money. As a consequence, what they report may count against you and lead to a payment that is worth significantly less than what you are expecting. This can lead you with a substantial amount of debt–and the sinking feeling that you got less than what you deserved.

Insurance companies want to take statements almost immediately after an accident happened–and many policies require that you report your accident within a very slim timeframe. This gives companies a bargaining advantage. While they might claim that a speedy report can lead to a quicker disbursement of money, they are also taking advantage of the lingering chaos that the accident left in its wake.

For instance, let’s say you got involved in a car accident, and it gave you whiplash. You contact your insurance company a day later, as directed by your policy. The insurance adjuster may call you within 24 hours and ask if you have neck pain. In the heat of the moment and because nothing feels out of the ordinary, you answer, “No.” They record that in a statement, which they take to your insurance company. Your claim is then processed, and you’ll get a disbursement later.

Days later, a complication from your injury arises that leaves you with a stiff neck. This time, your insurance company will not listen to your claims of injury. You have already reported the accident to the adjuster, and they now have evidence that the car accident did not leave you with neck pain–you said it yourself, after all. As a result, the insurance company does not have to pay for your neck injury or the required treatment.

Taking advantage of the situation is just one of many tactics insurers employ to capitalize on the suffering of others. However, you have the tools to pursue fair treatment. A personal injury law firm can help you navigate a claims process and recognize the tactics that corporate bullies use regularly. When you are prepared to speak up for yourself, you have a chance to stand up against unfair insurance practices.