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Ybor City Criminal Defense Attorneys – What is a cash bond?

As we’ve discussed extensively throughout our Ybor City criminal defense attorneys blog, a bond is ultimately a tool for a criminal court system to ensure someone’s appearance and in the criminal justice process. Rarely, a court will require what is called a “cash bond.” A cash bond ultimately prevents an accused from going to a bondsman to post their bond.   They are forced to literally post their own cash for the entire amount of the bond.  For example, if one’s bond is a $1,000, generally, now the accused can give a bondsman 10% of that $1,000 so $100.00 and the bondsman will post the bond in amount of the $1000 to secure a release from the exemption facility. If the court requires a cash bond, the accused is required to put up the $1,000 cash through the clerk’s system. This happens somewhat rarely, thankfully because it is very difficult to get out of jail when a cash bond is applied.

This occurs most often when individuals are being held solely on a violation of probation and the allegation is that they’re unable to pay the cost of probation or they fell behind on paying their full cost, fines, and/or cost of supervision. In these situations, ultimately the court is attempting illustrate that if the accused has the ability to post such a high cash bond, they can certainly pay the court, probation and/or the victim.

If also occurs in cases where someone is imprisoned for failing to pay child support, the court will put someone in jail with a “cash purge” totaling the amount in arrears.  If the individual pays the “cash purge” they will be released from custody.

If you or someone you know is facing a situation where they have been forced to post a cash bond by a court, contact the Ybor City Criminal Defense Attorneys of Hackworth Law, PA for free case consultation. We have experience dealing with judges and cash bonds, most importantly we have had the opportunity to advocate on behalf of our clients and convince the court to reconsider their assessment of a cash bond. If you would like to contact one of our Ybor City Criminal Defense Attorneys immediately, please use the “contact us now” tab in the upper right We appreciate your time and attention in this matter and looking forward to resolving your cases with you.