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Category Archives: Blog

wrongful death attorney in tampa, fl

What Does a Wrongful Death Attorney Do?

It is the job of a wrongful death attorney in Tampa, FL, to fight for the family members of someone who has been killed due to the negligence of someone else’s actions. This attorney will file a wrongful death claim and work hard to get an appropriate settlement to help relieve some of the financial […]

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personal injury in tampa, fl

What Kind of Injuries Does Personal Injury Law Include?

Personal injury is a field of law with a long and complicated history. When defining the “injury” aspect of personal injury in Tampa, FL, it is anything that has caused the victim physical or mental harm. This can include an automobile accident, an assault, or even cases involving defective products that the victim purchased and […]

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Why You Need a Separation Agreement in Tampa, FL

Why You Need a Separation Agreement

A separation agreement in Tampa is wise to have when it comes to the dissolution of a marriage or common-law relationship. This is because when parties choose not to enter this agreement—or resolve their issues through the courts—after the breakdown of their relationship, many issues can continue to linger in the lives of both parties. […]

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Uncontested Divorce in Tampa, FL

Why Is an Uncontested Divorce Better?

In the legal system, we call a divorce “uncontested” when both parties are on amicable terms and have few issues to resolve. If you and your partner are prepared to talk things out civilly, seeking an uncontested divorce in Tampa is likely the easiest and best way to legally separate. The following are three big […]

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family attorney in tampa, fl

Tips for Choosing a Family Attorney in Tampa

Choosing the right family law attorney can make a difference in the outcome of your divorce. However, if you base your selection on a few simple tips, you are sure to find a family attorney in Tampa that can help you through this challenging process. Compatible Personalities Communication during legal proceedings is essential. If you […]

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marital settlement agreement in tampa, fl

How Does a Marital Settlement Agreement Work in Tampa?

As long as both parties approve, a marital settlement agreement fairly and judiciously divides a couple’s assets and liabilities. The document should be as clear and specific as possible to withstand the possibility of contestation. In Tampa, a marital settlement agreement must be notarized once the details are settled. The divorce lawyer will then submit […]

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